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Your Guide to Woodwork Machinery Accessories

October 28, 2019 2 min read

Woodwork machinery is a double-edged sword; it enables you to build masterpieces, and it can make it easy to destroy them. If there is one masterpiece you want to avoid destroying, it’s you!

That is why a myriad of woodwork accessories are available to not only smooth the building process but also to keep you safe at work. Here are some of the vital ones you should keep close.

1. Safety Sawing Equipment

Various accessories are available for smoothening your sawing experience by increasing your accuracy and enhancing your safety, as well as that of any bystanders. You can choose from different types of circular saw feeders, circular saw protective devices, sliding handles, pusher sticks, workpiece holders and force-guided riving knives.

2. Spindle Moulder

Moulders or shapers come in different shapes, sizes, and features. Nonetheless, safety first is the fundamental principle around such equipment. Invest in safety shaper fences, swivel devices, overhead guards, safety stop plates, safety rulers, and grooved boards to boost your productivity while observing safety.

3. Band Saw Guides

If you are using a band saw machine, a guide is necessary. Fortunately, most band saw guides fit most band saw designs. They are useful for locking the saw in a desired position, making the sawing procedure painless, and will serve you long.

4. Conveyor Mats

You can find flexible and long-lasting feed mats and rubber mats. Available in different rubber types, structures, and hardness, good conveyor mats will not disappoint you.

5. Feed Units

Power feeders will significantly improve your efficiency when working on a shaper or moulder. They do so by increasing accuracy and facilitating a clean finish, which means you will produce clean work, and afterwards, you will have less clutter to clean.

6. Planning Devices

Planning comes first in any project. Depending on the nature of your project and the tools you will need, a well-thought-out, accurate and well-executed plan is the key to success. Various precision devices are available for the planning and marking phase. Consider the self-acting swing, pivoting auxiliary stop, feeding devices, or a bridge guard.

Mind your craft and the ideal tools for completing your project. The more you know about your tools and working environment, the better the position you will be in to determine what accessories you need most. The list above is only a general guide to get you started. Once you start investing in these products, you will be able to judge which ones work for you best. Ultimately, remember to aim for precision and safety.